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How to study for Real Analysis

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    I'm not sure how to study for the test since the midterms are open book and open notes. I've been going over the homework, but are there other ways of studying? I'm going over covering compactness, differentiation and integration for the next midterm. Any addition help/advice/problems to look over would be extremely helpful!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Ouch... that was the one course that kicked my rear in undergrad! That said... I did extra proof problems from the text (or even other texts!) in preparation for my tests. You might want to try that... going to the professor's office hours to look over these extra problems that you've done. I think my effort, and the fact that I was the only undergrad in the course, kept my grade a B!
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    Know the definitions and know what they mean. If the definitions are confusing, draw a picture. Play with the major theorems. Know their proofs and why the hypothesis are important. Change the hypothesis by removing assumptions (ie continuity, differentiability/integrability, compactness etc...) and provide counterexamples, and know how the proof uses each of these assumptions.
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