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How to study future and previous subjects over the summer.

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    I am an incoming 4th year Electronics Engineering student. I sort of want to address my problem over the summer, the problem being that I have a weak foundation in maths. I do get above average scores in class despite this problem but I feel like it is holding me back. Also, I want to study my courses in advance and not procrastinate like I did last time. The problem is, I don't know if I could cover all my subjects in JUST two months without any help from a teacher and at the same time, review my previous courses.

    This is our checklist by the way and the part boxed in red will be our subjects next semester.

    Please, help me!
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    During nearly every holiday period in my 3 years at university i've tried to study courses in advance, and while it's helped a little bit, it's never really worked despite many hours spent trying to study these new topics without lectures etc.
    This is just me of course, perhaps for you, if you knuckle down you'll be able to make decent progress. It's not necessarily because the course is hard to understand without teachers guidance (although that does come into play), it's more the lack of structure. You might study a pile of stuff related to a topic and spend hours doing so, and then when you start the next semester, all that content is covered in the space of 10 minutes and didn't end up being a large part of the unit like you thought it was. That's not to say that you wasted your time though.

    What i have found that works well, is revising all your subjects starting from year 1 (excluding the units which have no relation to your major), all the way up to the units you just finished. This sounds like a hefty task, but if you've put a decent amount of effort in in the past, then you'll find that revising old content is quite easy, and not overly time consuming. As i said, everyone is different, and so this may not work for you, it's just my two cents worth :). Hope it helps.

    Oh and, welcome to the forum!
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