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Homework Help: How to study in a universtiy

  1. Sep 10, 2009 #1
    hi i am an electrical engeering student

    i berely finished my first year
    i was hare thin close to be kicked out
    it was a dissaster

    i had each semester 5 courses
    on every course i got assignments

    and i made all the assignments
    and then i found out that they are half close to what is going to be in the test.
    so i spent lots of time on stuff that is not important to the test.
    and boring lecturers

    and i didnt know how to study

    i was doing things randomely

    i studied one subject then i felf that i was neglecting some other one
    and some times i forgot about some other course

    how to organise my studying??
    how to break time?
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  3. Sep 10, 2009 #2
    Hi there,

    I guess studying is a process that we all had to learn (for the ones that went to further studies). I also believe that not everyone is made for studies, I mean all the freedom, the amount of lesson to attend, the homework to do, the exams to prepare. Therefore, I don't think there is a miracle solution.

    What I can say is that through my many years as a student, and my teaching experience, I noticed two types of students. The first bunch (we'll call them the "good" students) study a field because of their interest. Therefore, the process of studying is, for them, a simple matter of reading a book that they would probably read alone, no matter.

    The second bunch (more like I was during my bachelor) learn more about the professor than the subject. Meaning that you can study a professor, therefore knowing pretty much what is important in his/her class, and learn that in depth. This method has the advantage of cutting the work load.

    Therefore, my advice to you is that if you feel you have to much to learn, than start studying the professor. You will find out what will be on the exam.

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