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How to study Physics and Calculus (looking for exercises)

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    I am a high school student, and I am planning to go to IPhO next year, so I am trying to study a little hard and deep Physics and Maths (Calculus, also some other parts that are necessary). However, I am reading a Feynman textbook, so I haven't exercises to do. And the other books that I found exercises or problems they are too elementary and didn't use great concepts or mathmatics.
    So I want a litle help with these. With anuone can sugest some things to do I will be very grateful.
    Thank you.

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    I think all the old IPho problems are online. Go through them. Also check out the BAUPC problems:


    This is sort of an equivalent for undergrad (not nearly so large or well-organized though). Good luck.
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    Not living in the U.S., I don't know how much you learn in high school and I don't know what IPhO is either but my advice is that you find out what books you'll be using next year at IPhO and study from those! That's what I do.
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    Oh thank you both guys.

    About my High School, I learn a few Physics concepts, but with a useless maths so the use of those concepts are very limited by these, so I am studying Calculus by myself too expand those parts. And I am just getting some difficult to find exercise for these. Either in university books where they use calculus to teach physics there are a few exercise with actualy use a more complicated maths. So the point for me is more to put those two things together.
    And about that link from Boston, it´s very good.
    Thank you again.
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