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Medical How to teach?

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    I started this thread here,because it is related to psihology,and it is adresed to all those who teach,or who want to teach...
    so,what tehniques do you use?what obstacles do you have?
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    One technique is, assume the my listeners know nothing. I try to start from a 10,000 mile high perspective and then methodically zoom down to the details. Along the way, I try to give succinct definitions of every term I use. So even if most students can be expected to know those things already, maybe one or two won't. And if I do a good job of the definitions (and they are kept short), they also help students to think about that thing perhaps a little differently.

    In an hour class, it might take me 20-25 minutes to get down to the details. Then I might spend 10 minutes on something "hairy", then back up a bit to something easier, then delve down once more right at the end.

    It's particularly helpful if I can find a "stinger" to deliver at the end: something that students might not have been able to realize before, had they not just worked through the problem from the perspective that I've given. Or maybe even something provocative (though I'd try to acknowledge if anything is controversial). Ending well is very important to help students remain interested for the next class, and to help them feel motivated between classes.

    I also try to build in some surprises along the way, and change the pace from time to time. Otherwise, everyone might fall asleep.

    And, I try to avoid teaching a topic unless I really care about it. It's just too much work to teach well, otherwise.
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    I see...very elaborate,I must say,but I'm concerned of one thing...the human has a long memory and a short one...the long one is the permanent one,the info can last from a week to some years without refreshing,but quite hard to stock in the info,and the short one that lasts for 3-5 minutes and captures the info instantley...the short memory gives you a "3D" vision on the subject,alowing logics to exist...if you speak of a thing,then spend a lot of time on explaining something else,like details,you "loose the bigger picture",the first thing you spoked of is out of the student's vision,so you have to come back to the main topic every 3 minutes or so to refresh the student's short memory...
    this requires a great focus and sincronisation of you...if you can do this,you will be what I like to call an "UBER-PROFESOR"
    I will try your method on my first ocasion:)
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    It's also a good rule of thumb to think of, say, 3 main things you want students to "take away". Then repeat those 3 things in many different ways. Reinforce, repeat! Move in and out, detail wise, but give lots of different examples of the 3 things. Or 2 things. Or even 1 thing. Theory combined with several examples is the very best of the best.
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    yes,I forgot to mention not to repeat the same thing over and over again,couse people are going to fall asleep...say the same thing(things) in diferent ways and combined is the key.
    I'm starting to like this online-online response...you are the first member I catch online:)
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