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How to test Latex locally

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    This is my first post. The sticky on Latex is very useful. Looks like I will be learning the code for formulas. Would like to know if you can test the code without posting to the board - how to play with the code and view results locally first.

    I am also trying to attach an image. Darn - looks like it needs to be on the web. No way to upload an image?

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    A good place to test LaTeX is in this site: https://www.physicsforums.com/mathjax/test/preview.html [Broken]
    Just enter the formula and click with your mouse outside the box. Whatever you typed will appear in LaTeX.

    If you make an actual post here and if you just want to see whether you made any mistakes, you can always hit preview. This shows you a preview without actually making the post.
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    An image on the web can be posted by enclosing the webpage by [ IMG ] and [ /IMG ] tags (without the spaces).

    For example, type


    to show a picture.

    If your picture is not on the web you can upload it. Whenever you make a post, check the "manage attachments" box beneath your post.
    One can also upload the picture on the internet using sites like http://imageshack.us/
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    I think the manage attachments box appears in the Additional Options box. I did not see an Additional Options box when I posted this thread...


    Only seems to appear when you reply or edit your post. Correct?
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    No, the box should appear every time.
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    You can build and test your latex code here http://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php
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