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How to thank for the answers?

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    Every time I start a thread I have the same doubt about how to thank the members for their great answers. Usually I just post a reply to my own thread saying thanks to everyone, but I’m afraid that it could sound as if I pretended the thread to be over or that it could stop members to further comments.
    On other opportunities I have sent private messages to the members that gave key answers to help me understand the answers to my questions, but I am afraid that could be a little too invasive.
    On the other hand, I wonder if there is like any implicit rule where just no one is expecting for the OP to thank for the answers, but again I am afraid of being rude. I mean, after all, not only I gain knowledge by the effort of the members but many times the discussions risen between members caused by different points of view of my question are very interesting, entertaining and enriching . I just don’t feel comfortable with the fact of “abandoning” them without even letting the members know that their posts where appreciated.
    I read the forum rules and the “How to” article and didn’t find anything related to this. I know this is a minor issue but I just wanted to hear the opinion of more experienced users of this forum about how to properly show my gratitude since this leaves me thinking every single time I get great answers (which happens very frequently).
    “Thanks”(hehehe) and best regards,
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    You can like the posts you found helpful, there's a button next to quote, at the bottom-right corner of each post.
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    Yes, I have thought about that. I think it is good for good posts as an alternative to sending PMs to their particular members. But in other cases the “like” button is too much of a facebook feature. I mean, sometimes I don’t actually LIKE (as in the literal meaning of the verb) the post but I just want to thank them anyway. Also, what about a general thanks to everybody that participated?
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    Yeah, we had a contentious conversation about that after the new PF 4.0 was released. I was in the minority who felt (and continue to feel) that the "like" is a meaningless Facebook kind of fluff whereas the old "thanks" WITH a place for a short specific comment was MUCH more meaningful.
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    This comment really deserves a "like"
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