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How to travel for cheap

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    I haven't been out of my city in a long time and I just recently started to get a wanderlust feeling. Traveling out of the country is too expensive, so I decided that I'm going to take a trip to some city I've never been to before and just explore it and all the stuff there is to do there for about 5 days. I'm going to start doing this with every week vacation I get off of work, which is three a year.

    Anyone have any suggestions of cities that I could visit and explore, and do you know about how much it would cost for the entire trip? I'd like to spend less than 500$ per trip. But that could be difficult, depending on how far I travel from Florida. I heard about ways to get super cheap plane tickets, but I don't know how to do that.
    Anyone here an expert traveler who knows how to spend as little as possible on a vacation?
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    Re: Traveling

    I think Expedia and Travelocity have cheap deals. Some airlines offer discount fairs. Perhaps one can search Google or other search site for 'discount airlines' or 'discount airfares'. One will find JetBlue, Spirit, AirTrans Airways, Southwest Airlines, and others offering cheap fares on certain routes.

    Or look at Amtrak, or a bus service. Or just drive if one has a car.

    From the Southeast, one could travel west along the Gulf Coast, or up into the mountains, e.g., the Smokies, or along the east coast, e.g., US 1, or up I-95 to Washington DC. Amtrak parallels that route.
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    Re: Traveling

    If you're in northern Florida and can drive, there are some places worth visiting within a day's drive, e.g. New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston. They're a bit of a stretch from Miami, though.

    Amtrak is often cheaper than flying, if you can put up with sleeping in a coach seat overnight. That would get you up to Washington, Philadelphia, and New York.
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    jim hardy

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    Re: Traveling

    Amtrak to DC is a hoot.
    Google 'Couchsurfing.'

    I dont know how adventurous you are, ,,,
    In Montreal at 1208 Drummond there used to be a delightful rooming house, "The Vines". Dont know if it's still there. Cost was 1/10th of Sheraton next door. But the bathroom is down the hall and there's apt to be a late night poker game conducted in French. I loved it.
    Air Canada and Delta run nonstops from Miami cheap in slack season. At Dorval follow the crowd onto 214 bus then transfer next bus to Lionel Groux, from there subway to Peel st. Carry a French-English dictionary visible in pocket, be aware you're the foreigner and act like a guest & you'll find the French Canadians are wonderful friendly people.
    Get a map and learn the layout first. Nothing is N-S and you need a compass when come up out of subway. An afternoon in park atop Mt Royal identifying landmarks is well spent.
    Gotta hit DeCarrie hotdogs and Frannie's Cheesecake. See the Bouguereau's at Musee d Beau Arts and see who's playing at Place d Arts .

    If i dont make it into Heaven i'm going to Montreal.

    old jim
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    Re: Traveling

    I've had some friends have positive experiences from Couchsurfing. Otherwise major cities will have some hostels that are cheaper than any hotel. Maybe hitchhike? :)
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    Re: Traveling

    My wife and I went there for our honeymoon 24 years ago this coming June. It was the logical choice because we got married in Vermont and French is her second-best foreign language after German. (She's taught both.)

    I'll have to suggest to her that we go there again next year. :biggrin:
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