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How to type space in Latex

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    How to type "space" in Latex

    Hi there,

    Can I just ask how can I type "space" between two equations (for example) on the same line?

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    Re: How to type "space" in Latex

    I normally use
    Depending on the amount of space I need:
    [tex]x\quad y[/tex]
    [tex]x\qquad y[/tex]
    For some purposes such as aligning systems of equations there are better alternatives such as the environment align*.

    I just remembered that
    \ (just \ followed by a space).
    also works as follows:
    [tex]x\; y[/tex]
    [tex]x\ y[/tex]

    I just looked up the relation between them and it turns out that
    \, = 3/18 \quad
    \: = 4/18 \quad
    \; = 5/18 \quad
    \ = corresponds to normal space.
    \qquad = 2\quad
    I'm not exactly a LaTeX expert so if someone spots an error feel free to correct me.
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