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How to unsubscribe to a thread?

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    How do you unsubscribe to a thread? I clicked on the option of receiving an email notification for every new post in a thread that I participated in, but one particular thread is getting too big and annoying, and I don't want to receive anymore email notifications for new posts in that one monstrous thread.
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    Open the thread,
    Click on "Thread Tools",
    Click on "Unsubscribe from this thread".

    You can also resubscribe, but choose not to receive email notifications for an individual thread.
    And you can subscribe to threads that you have not posted in, if they look interesting to you.
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    thanks. as a suggestion, how about allowing you to click on the letter icon that shows you that you're subscribed to the thread in order to unsubscribe, instead of having to click on the actual thread and then use a pull-down menu to unsubscribe?
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