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How to upgrade my microscope?

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    i have some questions regrading to "how to updrage my microscope?"
    i'll be very thankfull for any kind of reply...
    I am a student that need to make a little project, so i don't have much knowledge...
    I have a pretty old microscope - "ergolux zl-19". and i want to upgrade it, so it will have some more features.
    first i need to add some kind of illumination so that i'll be able to see the object from variety of angels from the side. i looked in the net and saw that i can use either fiber optic, or just some kind of long cable with a lamp in the end. how do i know what's better? then, how do i choose what kind of fiber optic, or what kind of cable?
    second i might want to watch my object threw polarized light. i need to know how to connect a polarizer. i think i'll need for my job two polarizers.
    So,according to those guidelines, does anyone have any tips? can i use fiber optics before a polarizer? when would someone want to use a fiber optic and when to use the "old way" - guiding the light threw lens and mirrors? do you know maybe where i can find some usefull information, some links maybe, where i can learn how to do those things? maybe some applied physics usefull information? literature?
    again, thanks a lot for any kind of reply...
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