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How to upload images

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    Hello folks!

    I tried the other day to upload images to a thread I was posting to. I thought the method was to use the Attach Files when writing a post, and then to use the img-tag with the urls to these attachments. But I didn't succeed. Or, I thought it worked, I could see the pics after I'd submitted my post, but other people couldn't see it. And after some hours or a day, even I couldn't see the pics anymore. Btw, this was in the homework area.

    So how do you do to upload and show images properly in threads? I know there are free services for uploading images on the web, but often they delete pics after a while. I thought PF had it's own local image uploader, or shouldn't it have that?

    Thanks for the fantastic PF anyway! :smile:
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    You can use the [noparse][/noparse][COLOR="Gray"]URL goes here[/COLOR][noparse] [Broken][/noparse] tags when the URL is part of the main text in the post. For uploading attachments, just use the URL without the [noparse][/noparse].

    I think it's preferred to use [noparse][/noparse] and have the image be part of the main text. This might have to do with saving space on the server that hosts PF, but I'm not sure.
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    Once you've uploaded attachments there is no need for you to use any other tags. They will be moderated however. If you use image tags the picture is generally hosted on another site. As you have mentioned, there are plenty of free image hosting sites.
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    Strange that my attachments were taken away then... :frown: They were schematics for some circuits I had problems with.

    P.s. Redbelly - thanks for the image service you recommended me in another thread, I'll try that if it's not working or not meant to upload images directly in PF.
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    You can always attach a file using the "manage attachments" section. This does not use tags and does not link to anything.
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    Well, I did that. Then after posting it said something like "attachment pending approval", and a day later the attachment wasn't there anymore... :uhh: I tried to attach the file again some times in new posts, but the same thing happened.
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    attachments may not work, I don't think any files can be written to the HD until we swap it out
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