How to use camera module?


    How can I set this module up to have just a single video output so it can work with rca?
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    you would have to convert one of the video formats it currently produces say the RGB to composite video
    not impossible, but would be easier just to get a camera module that already outputs composite video

  4. Ya I tried but I cannot fond one for less than $30. Unless you guys know of any?
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    Keep looking and bidding. The secret with eBay is never to be in a hurry if you want a bargain.
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    ... and never make a low bid a long time before the end of the auction. That is just telling the rest of the world you think it's a bargain at your bid price.

    The best time to bid is usually 1 or 2 seconds before the auction closes, if you still like the price.
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    First, decide what project you want to do. Do you want project to modify a camera, or to use a camera? Either could be fun and/or educational, but they are two different things.
  8. Actually, the link I posted won't work to convert RGB into clean composite. But it will almost work. If I remember correctly there will be artifacts due to improper hsync during vsync. But it might still be good enough for what you need.

    This guy says his circuit works -- just a bunch of resistors and two transistors.

    The problem is that during vsync the polarity of the hsync pulses needs to change.

    The right way to do this is VGA na PAL a NTSC/VGA to PAL and NTSC video converter.htm except it is now S-video, not composite.

    The right way to make composite sync is with XOR gates as in the above circuit.
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