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How to use LASI ?

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    I read through the LASI introduction once and also watched the teach-how video in Youtube, but feels really frustrated about this software....

    all these introductions only show how to "draw a box", "draw a polygon", "how to add", "how to move" and this kind of basic kindergarten skills. What does it actually means? Does it means those are all I need to know for using the LASI software? I don't even know how to start a drawing for a CMOS or a simple Resistance! Not a single practical drawing example I can found on the internet!

    and by the way, what is the thing MOSIS do with LASI? do I supposed to follow the MOSIS standard to draw with LASI? but how....?

    Thanks for all your helps!!!
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    Get a good CMOS layout book and get help from seniors to learn how to draw chip layout.
    e.g. IC Layout Basics : A Practical Guide [Christopher Saint, Judy Saint]

    LASI is little old tool for drawing layout and it might be a bit painful to work in it. Still it is probably only freeware Layout tool that is good enough.
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