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How to use light to telepor

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    if we figured out how to use light to teleport, that wouldn't be teleporting because light takes time to travel. do you think if there was a way to use gravity, that we could somehow teleport? because gravity is an instantanious force. it acts immediately, whereas light takes time to get from source to destination. I read this article by this physician and she was talking about how they think gravity could be another dimension we haven't even began to comprehend yet. for every force theres an equal and opposite one right? whats the opposite of gravitational pull? we could learn to jump from one planet to another, and maybe figure out more about black holes because thats pretty much all about gravity. does anybody else here think outside the box instead of repeating what they hear? Einstein and Galileo's theories were all shot down at first. I just think people should think beyond these "verified theories". If this is the wrong forum section, sorry, but could you at least please direct me where people will actually listen and think about new things instead of shooting everything down they haven't heard of or even thought about before?
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    instead of freakin out and locking this thread, could at least explain why you don't think we could use gravity?
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    Gravity is not an instantaneous force. It propagates at the same speed as light.
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    are you proposing we turn people into photons and gravitons, send them off to wherever, and then change them back into people? in anycase... like phlog said gravity isn't instantaneous, in fact you can't send information between two point instantaneously according to special relativity... im afraid that of all the sci fi mumbo jumbo, time travel... invisibility... we are probably farthest from teleportation... if special relativity remains true than the laws of physics prohibit it all together, but perhaps if we can "photocopy" a person, copy every atom and its quantum states, and then kill the original... maybe that'll work... but I prefer throwing smoke bombs and running away
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    And I might point out that a physician has no business offering 'professional' comments about physics. I'm sure that she'd be reputable in her field, but I'd rather trust my own doctor than someone who espouses psychoceramics without any background in the subject.
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