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Matlab How to use matlab for imaging?

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    Hi, I am a novice at matlab and just started using it. I need some help with it. I want to post process an array of time domain signals using a specific algorithm. These time domain signals are acquired using labview and I want to post process them using matlab. I have the equation for post processing those signals to create an image but I dont know how to do it in matlab. Can someone please help me out in this or guide me in a way that i can carry it out?

    Thanks and Regards
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    This is an advanced technique in Matlab, and there are likely a lot of intermediate skills that you need to learn between starting Matlab and accomplishing this involved task.

    I've done a lot in Labview, and a lot in Matlab, so I can't help but wonder why you don't just implement the needed algorithm in Labview. Is it some built in functionality that only exists in Matlab? The wealth of libraries and the ease of linking and calling C and Fortran code in Labview make me think that while that is possible, it seems unlikely.

    Completely learning a new tool for a single task is usually harder than accomplishing the task with a tool you are already well familiar with if that is possible with existing libraries.
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    Hey..thanks for the reply.. I am novice in both labview and matlab..so thats where the problem arises.. plus there are some mathematical models related to this to run in matlab
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    Having come up the learning curve in both, I still recommend trying to find a path forward in LabView without needing to import into MatLab.

    Matlab is not really easily learned when it comes to importing large data sets, doing involved analysis tasks, and exporting.

    If the data is alread in LabView, figuring out how to complete the analysis there is going to be easier in most cases, unless the analysis technique is harder to code (or call from an existing library) in Labview than tackling the steep learning curve of Matlab.

    Learning to new tools of this level of complexity for a single project is not recommended, especially if there is time pressure.
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    I'm not sure what help you need. Do you have a data file? Have you read the data from the file into a variable in MATLAB? Do you have the variable but just don't know how to apply your equation(s) to it? Do you not know how to turn the results of the equation into a 2-D or 3-D array that represents an image? Do you have an image but don't know how to display it? If you upload your data and tell me what you want, I might be able to help.
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