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How to use PHP

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    [SOLVED] How to use PHP

    Can anyone teach me how to use PHP? I just dled the zip file, but I don't know where to go from there : (
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    Well, I'm trying to build one, so I suppose I need to know how to do both. I'm findind that the installation isn't exactly user friendly so I am even stuggling with the manual PHP provides.
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    Are installing on Windows IIS or Unix Apache?

    Try http://foxserv.net. it's a package that easily installed apache, ,mysql and php in linux or windows machines.
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    Well, I think I am way over my head here without doing some extensive research. Here is pretty much what I want to do:

    I want a text box where you can submit text, and have that posted on a board - something simple.
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    Something simple like this:
    http://www.michaelallsup.com/sign2.htm [Broken]
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    Matt are you using your computer to host or did you sign up for an account somewhere on the web?
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    My own comp.
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    Before doing anything with php and mysql you should get a webserver up and running on your computer.
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