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    Tom Mattson

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    1. College/Graduate School Admissions Advice :
    When asking for guidance regarding application/admissions decisions, please keep the following in mind :

    Members here can only give advice based on personal experience, which will be specific to the school(s) they have attended/heard about. Different schools operate differently, though there may be several common practices. The best advice is that which is based on a direct knowledge of the working of the specific department that you plan to apply to/accept. So the best advice you can get (on this forum) about applying to the ABC dept. at the XYZ University will come from a student/faculty member at that particular dept. Advice from others must be understood as extrapolations.

    For specific questions regarding admission/application policy/practice, contact the Graduate/Undergraduate Secretary of the Department you are applying to.

    2. Course Scheduling and Study Advice : Since courses are designated and taught differently from school to school and country to country, please keep in mind the following :

    Pre-requisites, suggested course paths, textbooks, etc. also vary from one school to another. Advice on such matters must be treated as best guesses, unless the person giving the advice is going (or has gone) to the same school as you. Certain designations and pre-requisites may be common to a large number of schools belonging to the same system, but this should not be assumed to always be true. To get best advice (from this forum) regarding specific courses, please describe the contents of the course, so people will know more than just a course number. The more complete your description of the problem, the better will be the answers.

    For specific questions regarding course selection and textbooks, please speak to your course instructor or teaching assistant.
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