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How to work for NASA

  1. Jul 27, 2017 #1
    Hello those who are reading!

    I have just graduated with my undergraduate Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering with a 3.4 GPA. I currently work for a large civil construction company as a field engineer. I have written and published a Children's book about engineering.

    I am looking to start my masters soon in astrophysics. I am looking into applying to schools like Princeton and MIT.

    Is there any advice or guidance one could give as to how to work for NASA and any advisement on the prior steps and research that must be done in order to even be considered by NASA ? Please be critical and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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    3 questions:
    1. what do you want to do at nasa
    2. are you willing to relocate
    3. are you working full time while getting your masters.

    If you're willing you can go get a co-op or internship at nasa. Also a good choice might be to move to an organization that works closely with nasa or is at least in the space industry. since you have a background in civil enigneer, united launch alliance comes to mind.

    just a casual note: the best way to get any job is to meet people already working there so they can get you in. Find a way to go to conferences or meetings that employees might be at (go to an IEEE meeting in Houston Texas?).

    read this, its a post on quora that in answered by quite a few people who work a various nasa organizations
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    Jobs at NASA are hard to get with 3.8+ GPA. Supply and demand. Limited demand. Lots of supply. Have a plan B.
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    I'm glad to read your enthusiasm! :smile: PM me a link to your children's book, if that is what was removed by moderators- we need more STEM books for children!

    Finishing your masters at any university that has heavy funding and research collaboration directly with NASA could improve your odds. It also makes getting an internship or summer employment with them, or a job with a NASA contractor much easier if you are already a student at one of those universities. GPA matters less in that situation. Building your associations for a few years in a large NASA community would significantly increase your odds of employment. It would also be far less costly to attend.

    The NASA Pathways Recent Graduate Program (RGP)
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