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How to write a PI coontroller in M-file?

  1. Oct 22, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I am completely new to MATLAB. But I have to write a source-code in MATLAB to explain how a proportional-integral (PI) controller works. I have got my source-code, but it doesn't really work, therefore, can everyone help me out? Urgent~!


    clear all
    Kp = 0.1; %%proportional gain (PI controller)
    ti = 10.0; %%integral time constant (PI controller)
    t=(0.0:0.01:20.0); %%time
    r = 1.0.*sin(2*t*pi);
    y = 0.0;
    %den=[2 1];
    g = 1.0; %tf(num,den); %system transfer function

    for i=2:length(t)
    e = r - y;
    %X = t-ti;
    I = (1./ti).*quad(myfun,0,8);
    u = Kp.*(e+I);
    y = u.*g;

    ylabel('\fontname{times}\bf{\it{r}} [pu]','fontsize',16)
    hold on
    grid on
    plot(t,e,'color','m','linewidth',3.0), hold on
    ylabel('\fontname{times}\bf{\it{e}} [pu]','fontsize',16)
    hold on
    grid on
    plot(t,u,'color','r','linewidth',3.0), hold on
    ylabel('\fontname{times}\bf{\it{u}} [pu]','fontsize',16)
    hold on
    grid on
    plot(t,y,'color','r','linewidth',3.0), hold on
    ylabel('\fontname{times}\bf{\it{y}} [pu]','fontsize',16)
    hold on
    grid on


    By the way, the problem is in the integration. Many thanks in advance.
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