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How to write a proposoal for funding

  1. Sep 11, 2007 #1
    So I did a Math REU this past summer and have been invited to present at the undergraduate poster session at the joint AMS-MAA meeting in January, but being an undergraduate funding is a little difficult, and something of which I know nothing about, so I have a few questions.

    The school I did the REU at will reimburse me for at least $200 for anything related to this meeting (flight, hotel, food, etc.). I asked my department about funding, and they said it might be possible, but that they want me to write a 1 page proposal for funding. The lady I talked to gave me some guidelines about what to put in the proposal: specifically, my name and information, the research topic, where the presentation is at, who sponsored the research, dates, and the amount requested.

    Now I have a few questions.

    1. Formatting: Should I present my name in some special way, should I double space, or anything else?

    2. Should I add that the school I did the REU is offering $200 of support? Also our math club will likely give $50. The expected cost of this trip is approximately $600.

    3. Should I make it sound as though the funding will be of extreme help? For example, that without funding I would not be able to go?

    4. Should I ask for more than I want? That is, I would be thrilled if they payed for just my plane ticket, but I still have a little more cost. Should I ask that they pay for the ticket and some extra for hotel/food cost? Basically, should I ask for a lot and hope they give me some, or ask for just the minimum and hope they give me it all?

    5. Anything else that I should definitely add, or definitely not put in this request?

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