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How to write an abstract for special Relativity

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    I will be giving a speech for my class and my teacher wants an abstract. I will be talking for about 45 minutes and i want to explain time dilation, length contraction, Einstein postulates, twin paradox, and the Muon experiment. But im not sure how to put it all into an abstract.
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    Write down a synopsis of what you know but make it very brief. That's an abstract
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    Well, you've got the skeleton of an abstract right there in that sentence. Just re-order some things a bit, and add more flesh. E.g., you could say something like:

    "I explain how the 2 deceptively simply postulates of Einstein (mention them by name) predict unexpected features of the physical world, such as nonlinear addition of velocities, relative temporal dilation (add a few more words) and relative length contraction (add a few more words), (etc...). I also present the famous "Twin Paradox" and discuss its resolution.

    If you can actually present that much, successfully, in just 45 mins, you'll be doing well. :oldbiggrin:

    Don't forget to emphasis the "relative" (rather than "absolute") nature of time dilation and length contraction, since this sometimes confuses people.
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