How to write out formulas in MIcrosoft Word

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I was just curious as to how I can write formulas out in Microsoft Word. I am doing a lab report and want to make it look more professional by makeing the equations and calculations appear xactly like the ones in the book. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreaciated.


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A google search found this: [Broken]
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Fantastic! Thanks alot!
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Fantastic! Thanks alot!

Could you tell me how to differential equations in microsoft word.
link post in the above reply is not available now.
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Just Google it. Word has a built-in equation editor.
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insert-> object -> Microsoft equation editor

You will need to scroll down a list to get to the Equation editor
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MS Word for Windows 7.0 has a built-in equation editor that is much better than its earlier versions. At the top menu bar select 'insert', then on the r.h. side select 'Equation'. You have to play with it a bit to find everything (like where the vector notation is, and how to enter derivatives, etc). Once you experiment a bit, it comes fairly intuitively.

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