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How to ?

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    how to ???

    i am a maintenance engineer dealling with many mechanical elements specially in power transmission like gear trains and many gear boxes and hydraulic circuits
    but i have left my career to another one that will make me workin in the design of water systems and pump sellection ,
    so my question is
    how to become profissonal in designing water systems
    i have my information about centrifugal pumps , pipe lines , and fluid mechanics as well but how can i make the link betweeen my education and my work ??
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    Re: how to ???

    I would think that you are already academically qualified. Maybe a couple of upgrade courses or seminars in hydraulics? Aside from that, learn by experience with senior workers.
    (And I didn't ignore the fact that hydraulics are part of your current position, but maybe something less 'oil-based' will be helpful.)
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