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How torque on Pulley works ?

  1. Sep 17, 2011 #1

    I have a pully with two sticks attached to it as shown in figure. Each stick has a mass in it....which is free to move...and equal iin weight. Assume each mass is equally distant from the pully...what would be the torque on the pully ?..And in which direction the pully move ?

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    Somebody plz give me a reply
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    Assume mass of string (how can stick be used in a single fixed pulley) to be nil because if there will be the string then it will make the calculation very complicated. Now if you apply suppose F Newtons of force. The the clockwise torque will be -(F x perpendicular distance from centre of pulley to line of action).

    We assume clockwise to be negative.

    The the anticlockwise torque will be F x perpendicular distance from centre of pulley to line of action.

    Realize that in this case Tension of string = Force you are exerting on string.
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    Hi Lich King - Thanks for your reply.
    There are some assumptions I forgot to mention in my question - my appologies.

    The pulley(disk) is free to rotate (as it is placed on a stick, which pass through it's axis).

    And it has two sticks attached to it ...with two free flowing mass(both have same mass)...If this disk/pulley is in this situation(as shown in figure)...which side it will rotate ?
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