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How torque works

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    hi all,

    does anybody how a torque wrench works?
    any illustrations with pictures would be appreaciated..

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    What do you mean how a torque wrench works? Do you want to know about beam deflection and torque indication for a really old style pointer torque wrench, or do you want to know how a clicker wrench works or do you want to know how a dial wrench works?

    dial: http://mathweb.mathsci.usna.edu/faculty/meyersonmd/labs/wrench/little_wrench.jpg [Broken]

    beam: http://www.branfordbike.com/images/tools/parktw2.jpg [Broken]

    clicker: http://www.mytoolstore.com/wilmar/m197.jpg [Broken]
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    i was wondering about the mechanism of torque wrench, how the spring functions to get the required torque, and how it achieves the required torque, and stuff like that..
    more like its internal mechanism..
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