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How u guys find the pdf,docs,or textbooks over the internet?

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    how u guys find the pdf,doc,or even the textbook docs over the internet?through ftp?newsgroup?p2p?forum?webpages?
    recently,i am preparing a report for Copenhagen interpretation , hidden variables,and bell's inequality.i am tired using google,i wonder if there's a better approach for finding those resources,
    if u use newsgroup,telling me the server u log onto will be appreciated,eagering for answers if the case happens to the ftp,p2p users.i am really grateful if u guys help me out!

    best wishes!
    p.s.if u have better means,please inform me!
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    When I need to find technical papers I go to my university's library website. From there I can search for online journals from various sources. If your off campus you need a valid student id to use this resources, but if you go to the library itself you can get access to these resources from their computers.

    If your a university student, try going to the library and ask if they have a similiar service.

    If your not a university student, then go to a university that has this type of service.
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    it depends on what i am looking for. for general information i use a search engine, for more specific things i use forums, especially this one since there are a lot of past articles and so on.

    when it comes to finding whole documents, etc. i use imesh or i look at TextFiles.com.
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