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How UFO's work

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    UFO's main means of achieving FTL speeds is not by controlling gravity or warps or anything like that. They work by a controlled negation of inertia or mass. By eliminating mass, and thus inertia, the basic laws of physics can be circumvented allowing temendous velocities and accelerations. The mass is usually not negated completely or even a single molecule would stop the ship. The negation of inertia must be controlled depending on the mass density of the local environment and the velocity of the ship. The greatest speeds can be achieved in interstellar space and even greater speeds in intergalactic space where particle density is at it's minimum. Of course the ship still requires a form of propulsion but that's a secret.

    At least that's how my ship works.
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    The vast majority of all UFOs are meteors and Venus.
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    Visitor, take me with you!
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    That's an amazing conclusion to be drawn from all the reported sightings considering only a small percentage are of an object that doesn't move (Venus) or a blazing trail of light that lasts a few seconds in a straight line. Not to mention all the videos which don't match either of those characteristics.
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    Sorry, we have exotic pet laws on europa and you don't want to know what goes on in our equivalent of the humane society.
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    Doesn't sound that humane, then...
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    Who says Venus doesn't move?

    Anyway, there are a bunch of threads on ETUFOs and the evidence (lack thereof) in the Skepticism and Debunking forum. Check it out.
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    True, but we aren't human and if I said the europane society you wouldn't have known what I meant. Ours is, however, more 'humane' than yours, it doesn't do the thriving (pun intended) business that they do here on this unenlightened mudball.
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    I see... But your tone was clearly one of a warning: "you don't want to be in our version of the Humane Society". So, why wouldn't he want that if it's much more humane than the one on this unenlighetened mudball?

    Apparently Europane logic defies our primitive notions of thought too...
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    We have been experimenting on humans for centuries. Many of your so-called abductions. We don't kill them because our medical science is advanced but you might not find the results pleasant. Most are still living on europa and other planets but you might not recognize them as being human anymore. We mastered genetic manipulation a long time ago as your science will soon.

    Life didn't originate on earth or even in this solar system. We aren't from this solar sytem, we are colonists, a race of metamorphs designed to be able to live on europa. DNA is the basis for life everywhere. All life in the universe is carbon based. Only carbon based life can exist because it is the only element capable of the almost infinite chemical forms (like proteins) that are necessary for life. About 10 billion years ago life apparently started somewhere and a race of intelligent beings arose. They achieved the science neccesary to spread life. They scattered pods throughout the universe that carried a primitve form of life similar to bacteria. When these pods encounter a suitable environment, life and evolution begin anew. We and you are a result of these lifepods. We wondered about the origin of life for a long time until we found one of the pods. It gave us a technological leap of many generations , they are extremely advanced machines. The pod that brought life to your planet is probably still here waiting to be found. We are still searching for the planet that spread them but it has probably been consumed by it's sun by now. No one knows who or where the Originators as we call them are.
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    GRQC, just smile, nod, and back away slowly...
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    We have places here on earth where aliens from all over the universe meet and discuss their ideas. You will probably travel to one of these places someday. Best wishes and good luck.
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    Visitor, I believe that your meds are expired or exhausted.
    That's OK, everything is alright, we won't harm you. Please refill SOON with a fresh supply from your doctor.
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    Cold at europa!

    What is it like living on the moon of the biggest planet of the solarsystem?
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    Well, that came out of nowhere.

    In concur-ence to Pallidin, I implore that you speak to your friendly neighbourhood medical specialist. I'd recommend a professional psychiatrist: There aren't too many insane people who think they came from Europa, and the shrinks are in need something fresh.

    You know, if (hypothetical) aliens are abducting us, why do they only capture paranoid pick-up driving rednecks with horrible quality Polaroid® cameras?
    A conspiracy, I tells ya'! The CIA and the martian rovers are involved!
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    I believe they're called mental institutions.
  18. Mar 7, 2004 #17
    To the naive inhabitants of this planet they appear to be mental institutions. But to more advanced beings...
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    ......a base of operations! Now it makes sense! :wink:
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    What do you eat, visitor?
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