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How usefull are dc and ap classes in highschool

  1. Aug 7, 2005 #1
    im a sophomore in highschool, and am being offered a good number of ap and dc classes (some of which they have waived prerequisets for so they may be alittle trickey) i plan on taking as many as possible, and im sure youll get questiones about my homework once in a whie... but, how usefull is a dc class from a local college? if i take precalc and algebra 1 dc class then when i go to find a college, how many do you think will give me the credit for it..and as i understand ap classes are a bit more prestegious, though are they still unanimously accepted as credit. (im talking about a school like [preferably caltech] or mit)
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    in general, ap classes are very useful. some schools, like mine, have... fairly "low" standards--a 3 will get you some credit. a 4 or 5 will get you two classes out of the way, in some cases. other schools don't let certain ap scores count for college credit, which sucks.

    check those schools' ap credit policies. (i think mit is good with taking ap credit.)

    and you can also check what their policies are for dual enrollment, or whatever you're calling it (dc?). all else failing, you can email people in admissions.
  4. Aug 7, 2005 #3
    zlright yeah that works...good to know that ap classes are as usefull as my admins/guadance counselers at my school say. thx and yeah dc=dual credit same as dual enrollment. anyone have any experience with out of state schools allowing that to count as credit? I know it may be variable, but it would be reassuring to hear that someone has
  5. Aug 7, 2005 #4
    you could earn a lot of college credits, you can jump into calculus 3 in my university with a 4 or 5 on the Cal BC exam. and a lot of courses have calculus 3 as a prereq, so imagine being able to take upper division classes in your 2nd semester as a freshman. it is very useful.

    if you are going to take BC Calculus also take Physics C, you will be set
  6. Aug 7, 2005 #5
    My god, I wish I would have been at a high school that offered even regular calculus, let alone AP calculus. My school only went up to pre-calc...

    I didn't take nearly enough math....I only went up to pre-calc. I had always expected to go into business, and didn't think I would have any interest in math. Well, I was VERY wrong, and decided to study physics, and that I had a strong passion for math. That set me back quite a bit, but I caught up by taking summer courses. :biggrin:

    edit: in fact, my HS didn't offer ANY AP classes. THe only thing that resembled an AP class was "college english"
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  7. Aug 7, 2005 #6
    well, here's an anecdote...

    i had two friends in high school who, senior year, took all dual enrollement (dual credit, as it were) classs.

    one went to boston college. the other went to boston university.

    boston college didn't accept any or most of the dual credits, but boston university did.

    so... it's really an issue with each individual school.

    and as far as i know, the only advantage to taking precalc at the college as opposed to taking it at your high school would be so that you could get a higher weighted gpa. (or if your school has a really bad math teacher or something.) and i sincerely doubt that if you get a passing grade in precalc before you enter college, but the college you go into doesn't accept the credit, that they'd make you take precalc again, if that was a concern.
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    AP classes are a definite plus, especially if you wish to have the prospect of graduating early. I had several friends who graduate after their 3rd year of college because they got tons of AP credit in high school...it makes life in college a lot easier, trust me.
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    take as many AP classes, and corresponding standardized tests as you can
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    I only took one AP class while in highschool and I would say the biggest benefit of it was the exposure to the material. I HATED chemistry but knew that I was going to have to take several courses in chemistry. Therefore I decided to take an AP class on it so I could build up my knowledge on my weekest subject. It worked like gold and I pulled 2 B's from the class. First semester of gen chem was horrible. The teacher virtually read from the book and had a difficult accent to understand. Several of my friends had a great deal of trouble. I remember thinking that I would be lost if I hadn't prepared myself as much as I had. The preparation was very well and considering that I hated the subject and that it was the only class I didn't get an A, I felt myself pretty lucky. Getting credit for taking the classes never helped since I simply didn't take the exam. But the knowledge that prepared me for college was priceless.
  11. Aug 8, 2005 #10
    alright i suppose you would be right, i had forgot to think that even if i dont get the classes waived they will be an easy A when i get to them or atleast an easier one. and yeah im glad my school goes to calculus 1 (as a senior im only taking ap/dc classes at school, and the rest at the local college-they had to make sure everything would work before the skipped me) so i get calc 2 also...hopefully if having that done is as usefull as you say then ill be set
  12. Aug 8, 2005 #11
    Professor, I am bomba923. Like you, I am a HS student, but I am a junior (11th grade).
    Just a curiousity, do you live/go to school in San Francisco?

    Anyway, it's always good to take several AP classes. I took the exams for AP English Lang/Comp, AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC, and AP Chemistry tests. In May 2006 (my senior year!), I will take exams of AP Economics (macro+micro), AP Physics (both B & C), AP Biology, AP English Lit., and if possible, AP Comp science (both A + AB)!

    *However, I will take Calc III(3) this fall 2005 (first senior semester)!
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  13. Aug 8, 2005 #12

    ...why both? :confused:

    is the schoolboard paying for it? :tongue2:

    actually, i'm not even sure if that's allowed--they're scheduled during the same time, right? they were when i took phys b.
  14. Aug 8, 2005 #13
    I dont think you can take computer science A & AB in one year, although AB test already includes A credit. Plus most college dont accept computer science credit because they dont use java as a introduction language (my own experience).

    PS: after i looked at your schedule, i think you are asian.....
    take as manay as you can. I got a situation that i immigrated to US during HS and they didnt accepted any of my credit, thus college denied my admission application. BUT i took 8 AP tests this year and pass 7 of them, which makes them to re-accept me.
  15. Aug 8, 2005 #14
    Many thanks for the tip! (Save much time/money-->more time for other AP's)
    No...I'm Russian ("west" part of Russia-->the part in Europe, not in Asia)
    *Like you, I immigrated to the United States, but I was only four at the time
    However, I live in a city where Asians comprise quite a large majority...:wink:
    Oh it's allowed alright...my school has two AP schedules: the "usual" schedule, around the first/second week in May...
    and the "late" schedule, for students with two tests @ the same time on the same day...(i.e., take one test during usual schedule, the other during late schedule)
    *However, I'll be quite busy-->have to work a couple "AP jobs" to help pay for the tests (usually tutor others @ lunch or afterschool for 30min or 1hr. Each completed service means One FREE AP test).
  16. Aug 8, 2005 #15
    They offer late exams for people who got conflict of 2 exams scheduled on the same day. My experience was that i took environmental science and physics C after a week after than normally people because i took chemistry and physics B on the normal schedule.

    and about the fee of the test, the test itself costs about 83 dollars. But state gov and local school board will fund a little bit and the price will probably reduce to 40-50 dollars, but i only had to pay 7 dollars for each test since i had free/reduced meal.
  17. Aug 8, 2005 #16

    That's if you live in a cool state!!! I had to pay the 83 bucks straight up. Thank you, Bob Taft! Ohio school funding is tight enough as it is.

    Some schools will accept AP credits as elective credit only. I had 24 units of AP coursework accepted at my school, but I can only get 4 credits of General Education Requirements waived. However, I managed to get into Calc II (i took BC, but wasn't comfortable enough with infinite series crap to take Calc III). I also totally tested out of my Chemistry requirement.

    I still get a fun schedule for next year though. Calc II, Physics, Intro to Engineering, etc.
  18. Aug 9, 2005 #17
    i honestly don't know why you are taking physics b AND c, from a utilitarian perspective.

    at university of florida, there are three (actually four) physics sequences:

    phy2048/2049 and the honors version, phy2060/2061

    i honestly don't know who the first sequence is geared for. but 53/54 is the standard physics without calculus seqeuence.

    here, that's what a good score on the physics b test will get you. (a 5 got me both courses and the both labs.)

    but 48/49 is required for all physics majors and all engineering majors. that's the sequence with calculus.

    that's where the physics c credit goes toward.

    having both sequences completed is useless--i had to jettison the credit i got for 53/54, anyway, to make room for other ap credit.
  19. Aug 9, 2005 #18
    I'm also taking CS A & AB same year, this year actually. That's how we do it at my school.

    Our guidance counselor lied to us over and over when I was a freshman and sophmore and now I won't be able to take all the classes I wanted to before college. :cry:
  20. Aug 9, 2005 #19
    not trying to make you down but this is from collegeboard

    "Computer Science A or AB?

    As you probably know, you can only take one Computer Science exam. One thing you might not know is that, even if you're taking the Computer Science AB course, you can still sign up for the Computer Science A Exam. Consider taking Computer Science A if you're not comfortable with the advanced topics taught in Computer Science AB. '

    Perhaps you can take 2 classes in your school simutaneously, but you cant take 2 exams in the same year for sure.
  21. Aug 10, 2005 #20

    Sorry, what im taking is CS the first semester and then CS A the second semester. I misread the post. :surprised
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