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How was this Naval ship raised?

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    I think it's called a recovery/salvage barge ... its basically a giant floating crane. I have no idea how it is ballasted in order to avoid tipping over, but the whole thing is rather impressive. You can see full shots of it in this video:

    http://news.yahoo.com/video/world-15749633/19161526 [Broken]
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    I think also in order to raise it so the crane can lift it, they use giant buoys if you like to raise it to a sufficient depth.
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    Thanks Spectra!
    That's an awesome vid. Very impressive floating crane.
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    Yeah, I've heard about some serious underwater inflatable balloons to assist recovery efforts. Not sure if used here(I've heard that sometimes divers dig a channel underneath a sunken vessel to wrap chains and cables for eventual lift).
    And the crane vid by Spectra rocks!
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