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How we know the pressure drop ?

  1. Aug 13, 2008 #1
    How we know the pressure drop ? plz help

    I really need your help..
    will explain to u what I am going to do exactly

    1) I have to built a filter pilot plant for water treatment
    For this filter, i have decided that to built the filter with three sections two PVC columns sections and one in the middle is Perspex column ( clear acrylic ) 300mm in outside diameter and 1m length.. but we prefere the thickness would be around 8mm

    2) i can tell u that: i need to pump water from the bottom section of the filter which will be a PVC section,, and the flow rate will be around 180 L/H.to 300 L/H.. and the velocity will be around 5m/h and 10m/h..and i will put some materilas ( polymer beads ) inside the filter that will treat the water. i will pump air as well from the bottom to wash the materials once it is dirty..

    By the way: my flow will be upflow

    My qusestions are

    1- What is the downflow wash water for floating media filter ? and what is upward wash air for floating media filter ? Is there any range ? in oder words : what is the typical backwash rate for upflow floating media filter ?

    2- Could i calculate the amount of water and air the i need it for backwashing the media ? Could u help me with it ?

    3- How can i calculate the pressure loss through the media before running any experiments ?

    4-What about the required pressure of the system ?

    I really have no feeling about these questions.. so could u help me with them ?

    Best regards
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