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How we make Voltage limiting

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    how you doin?? I work to make voltage Limiting. but I need some idea to make sample device. I f anyone can help plaese do it. I need diagram about his\her idea.

    thanks alot
    I appreciate it :wink:
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    We would need more details to be of help. If you mean a voltage clamp, then the simplest is just a diode. Say you want to clamp some voltage supply to 5.6V, then you just connect the cathode of the diode to your voltage source, and the anode to a stiff 5V supply. Of course, you have to think about currents, powers, etc. when you pick the diode for this.

    What is the context of your question?
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    Sorry, I mean Volage regulator. How we can make simple design.
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    Are you limited so you can't use a LM78xx or LM79xx linear regulator? Something like a LM7805 is about as simple as it gets and more elegant than a zener diode as a clamp.
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