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How weird is it gonna be?

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    I need some brief update of how scientists are making any progress in coming up with theories explaining what matter is and how matter was formed.

    My latest memory on this one tells me everything is just a form of energy, there were singularities in the old universe, some kind of energetic balance was broke, thus came the stars, planets, and us.

    Is my preliminary understanding right and not yet out of date?
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    Does this help?

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    I think the jury's still out on this one.

    The basic definition of energy presupposes matter, so that might be a bit of a problem. But then, matter is rather ill-defined, so maybe it's not a problem.

    I think you've nailed it.
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    Nice quote, Jimmy! Makes me wonder what happens to a scientist who discovers something that is queerer than he can suppose -- does he go nuts, or what? If he manages to publish the findings, will everyone who can understand them go nuts, leaving only stupid survivors? Hmmm...
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