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How will computers transform education?

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    Two things.

    I dislike and have heard bad things about schools forcing kids to rent out of date laptops even if they already have one.

    Also from my experience online college courses are terrible. You feel so distant from the class and the teacher. Most online courses use portals like blackboard and webct which are hardly useful, accessible and usable. Alot of lectures are held with video cams and if you don't have a high speed connection your left in the dust.
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    I think the biggest improvements in the classroom from technology are email and webpages.

    Email is very important nowadays because I allows people to talk to the professor after hours. It also beats leaving your dorm to see the professor during office hours.

    Wepages are equally important because professors can post homeworks assignments and practice exams for students to view anytime.

    I have used the blackboard system in a few of my classes and its a good way to keep informed whats going on in class.

    Other than that, i think laptops are overkill in a classroom. I still find that the old pen and paper work better then carrying around a box of electronics.
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    As a bit of a technology zealot, I feel it's absolutely crucial. I type about 150wpm at full speed, and I can't write anywhere near that rate. I am therefore more capable of taking lucid notes (my handwriting leaves much to be desired as well ;)).

    When you consider all the professors, researchers, and institutions that publish their work on their respective websites you can really appreciate the pervasiveness of computers. I can get a free education without leaving my desk. Granted, it's not as immersive as some classrooms, but there's a great number of people who learn more easily on their own than via a teacher. I am a terrible audible learner, but I will advance very quickly if simply given the material to learn.

    My tupence.
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    I am taking a high school course over the internet right now, and I prefer it over any of my regular classes. I get full solutions to every problem (I find it easy to learn from my mistakes), I can do my homework when I want to (can do it when my brain functions the best, this goes with tests too), the notes are given all i have to do is read them(gives me flexibility)... The only thing that I don't like is the fact that I don't get the exposure to technology in the labs as I would in a regular classroom.
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