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Homework Help: How will the car 3 move?

  1. Dec 9, 2004 #1


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    I am not an native English speaker, so please forgive me if I have any mistakes. I am in grade 10th.
    I cannot use the lab without permission, and anyway, I don't think that the teacher will let me use it just on my own. So I cannot immagine what will happen in the following cases: (Giving that there's no friction force):
    1. Picture 1a shows 3 cars. Car 3 on the right side of car 1, and car 2 on top of car 1, conecting with each other by a small cord (wieghtless).
    Giving that the car 2 is moving forwards.
    The car 1 will move backwards. How will the car 3 move. Will it touch the car 1's side like in picture 1b or will it be like picture 1c?
    2. And how will the car 3 move if one of the side of the cord is sticked to the wall (Picture 2)? Will it move like picture 1b or 1c?
    Can you please help me.
    I appreciate any help.
    Thanks very much,

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