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How will we get to mars?

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    If we were much more serious and backed into the space program, we could get make some serious progress, and could probably get a sizeable colony started on Mars by 2025 or so, but how could we make this happen, and it should happen soon, because this planet can't support too many more people without utilizing more materials than are created naturally. I think that we have to create this endeavor that will be an investment with no return, like a donation. The donators, as well as employers are all allowed the right to voice their opinion on the best way of creating the products involved, in this case, space, but could also be created for other serious problems, like world hunger, as well as wild preservation. The initial design is created, but can be modified by all people who donate, are employed, and also if people are involved in unseen matters, and if they all get a certain amount of signatures for something, then a random jury of different specialists in all fields of the involved areas, and they propose a new method, which can then be edited, by more people if needed. In the case of world hunger, all the necessities to make a home garden would be given out to people who are in need of it, be it in America, or Afghanistan, the tools, seeds, fertilizer is sent out. In cases of severely droughted places, a few chickens, cows and goats would be sent out to people to let them get milk, cheese, and eventually meat. All of the necessary people are employed by this institution, and they have to pass certain tests, and everything, but can also take a reduced pay, or donate their time, if they choose to, and accomplish their goal using their necessities, but an initial amount would first have to be raised to allow for a good portion of the project to be created, and then more can be raised afterwords as well as costs being decreased because of people donate their time to build a spaceship, preserve wildlfe, or give food to feed the hungry. Suppliers could also create the necessary tools if they so choose, be it animals or rocket fuel for free, or not profit, or discount, as long as they don't raise their prices on other things to pay for it, it can't involve people who aren't involved in the project. I think that if Mars had underground water, which would be able to sustain, and maybe even create a suitable atmosphere, or at least give people oxygen to breath, and have recycled nitrogen mixed in if we design something to do that. Astronauts, botanists, physicists, can all be employed, for a suitable salary, like the median salary of the position involved, or a little higher even, or they can take a pay cut, so the money can be spent towards other parts of the space ship, or give their time for free if they really believe in the dream. Universities, or even just localized educational programs of educated and experienced people in their fields to teach people interested in the science/other processes needed on Mars can even give their time, or be employed and teach or train people interested in going into the fields involved and needed on Mars, but it is not obligatory for them to go into this organization and work for them afterwards.

    I think this whole process could get a lot of people more involved in what they want to do, but never really had time for, a lot of people are really interested in space, so if 3 hour, or more if more is wanted, meet once a week, every couple of days, or every week even, and people study the sciences involved, or just cool thinks about space, which can feed people's curiosity about space, and perhaps make them donate time/money, to support that curiosity. I really want this to happen, but so much is involved that it would be hard to manage it all.

    Do you guys have any good ideas about how to get to Mars?
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