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How women think

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    Yesterday I got into a discussion with a girl from school about how women are generally more emotional thinkers than men. What mean is that they base their decisions more heavily on how they feel 'in their heart' rather than possibly looking at the big picture. It's more of a personal (dare I say selfish?) kind of thing. She agreed with me, until I put the example of how women vote. Politicians can occasionally win elections because they are very attractive and good with kids. I would attribute this kind of effect to the female vote. Now, I'm not saying that men don't make stupid decisions, but they don't usually base their vote on how cool they think their candidate is.

    Anyway, she still didn't buy my argument (possibly because she's a lady haha) so I told her that I would come back to her after the weekend with a better one. Any suggestions?

    I'm pretty firm in my beliefs about this generalisation of women - probably because my mother is an extremely rational thinker, so growing up I was never around 'that' kind of girl, and now it REALLY pops out to me. I'd like to stress, though, that this isn't meant to be some kind of jab at women. You're all wonderful and men have their flaws too. :approve:
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    If you make a post like this, it's apropriate to end it with:

    :uhh: Have mercy *runs and hides
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    Sorry 300072507, that was really stupid.
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    Yea, see I don't understand why the immediate reaction is to be offended.
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    Im selling tickets for this threads. Complimentary popcorn. Who wants to be the bookie ?
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    I don't think she was offended, I think she just told you that you wrote a pretty stupid post.
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    I'm not giving odds. FAIL!
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    ....... Are you a ... You know? :biggrin:
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    So you feel women think that way!:tongue2:
    Nice trick to know women around here, btw!:devil:

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    I disagree... I think the general population, whether it be male or female, make most of their decisions based on their emotions. I think men and women just make their decisions on different emotions. For men it's generally anger, frustration, sexually driven or... No actually that's about it haha. I think if Hilary Clinton was more attractive to the general male population, she would have been the Democratic choice instead of Obama.

    Again, I disagree. A lot of the reason Obama got a lot of votes is because of his demenor and his attitude and grace while speaking. JFK was the same way. They have a certain appeal to them that makes their personality attractive to the general public, regardless of gender.

    Also, this is the woman's side:
    Are you saying that if a woman ran for a political position that was physically attractive and liked to drink beer and play video games that she wouldn't get most of the male population's votes because of that, instead of looking at the big picture? That's kind of a personal (dare I say selfish?) way to put it.

    Yeah, give up haha If a lady was arguing with you that generally all men make their decisions based on the wrong head (if you catch my meaning), no matter how many examples she gave, would you side with her on it?

    I can understand your standpoint on that, but I think you need to look at the big picture instead of narrowing it down to just women. Most of the HUMAN population make decisions based on their emotions. That's part of human nature. Fight or flight, right? Hint: That's based on emotions :)

    Not a bad arguement, but I think it's too one sided in your head in my opinion.

    But that's just my 2-cents :) Take it or leave it as you will!
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    I really don't wanna know. Some things can scare us for life, hahaha.:rofl:
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    Hey Kronos,

    those are some really great points. I guess I hadn't thought about some of these things enough.

    I retract my statements.. until I give it some more thought. :) LOL
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    She wouldn't get a single vote, neither from the females nor from the males. Maybe from a few extreme variants of feminism. Males do have radically different criterion for "Want to sleep with" and "Respects", otherwise you would not have a lack of women at top positions. On the other hand women base their attraction a lot on respect so I guess that the example got merits in some way.

    Maybe it is that since women have more complex desires when it comes to a partner this might get in the way of other things while for men it is very straightforward.

    Disclaimer: All "facts" in this post are hypothetical.
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    Complex as in sexual desire is not the only criteria? :tongue2:
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    Yesterday I got into a discussion with my wife about just the same thing. It didn't go well.
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    You could have some interesting discussions at how different rearing environments for boys and girls (pink for girls, blue for boys ) affects social cognition, how behaviors are affected by endocrinology, whatever or not there are evolutionary explicable differences in psychology of man and women, explore why some psychopathology is skewed towards a certain sex...

    You just have to choose realistic subjects, and look at them scientifically, this is really not an area where you can afford prejudices like the ones the OP displayed.
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    300072507 if you really want to leave this girl impressed with your knowledge why don't you just come out and say it... "men are smarter then women." This statement will ensure that she is impressed.
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    That example, for some reason, soured her agreement. I'd go back and ask what she was talking about before you raised that example.

    A lot of women will admit to emotional reasoning because they're proud of it, believe it's ultimately more accurate than logic, and feel men are disabled in so far as they can't do it.

    So, I think your course of action should be to simply listen, letting her provide all the examples.
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    Yeah, roughly like that, since we are talking extrapolated generalizations.
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    I have just recovered from my wastepaper basket a copy of The Economist (5 Aug 2006) which I had thrown there in a clearup today, a rundown on scientific studies of differences between male and female psychology. I had thrown it out without copying because there are hardly any interesting differences reported.

    Just one was "contrary to popular myth, men and women are equally good at navigating" which I found hard to believe. However it made more sense with the explanation "But this is another example of a task in which the sexes take different paths to the same destination. Women tend to rely on remembering landmarks, whereas men rely on their geometric skills to work out direction and distance." In fact I have learnt to never take directions to a place from a woman - that usually requires about three supplementary phone calls. I rather say "Just tell me the postcode or street name and I'll find it."

    The other interesting difference was that women were less aggressive in dropping bombs on an attacker in a videogame. As we would expect. Except that that was only when they thought someone was watching - when they thought they were anonymous they were more aggressive than the men. :rofl:

    I think you can still find the article at e.g. http://www.cnblogs.com/phinecos/archive/2006/08/20/481729.html
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