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How would a light saber really work?

  1. Mar 18, 2003 #1
    well since this thread isn't in How Stuff Works yet, and it was put in Technology as a ''somewhat'' duplicate let's start off fresh.

    I'll ask these questions although we discussed them a lot in the old PF for all those who havent seen the thread I will start it off

    "do you think it is possible"


    "do you have any ideas as to how it would/should/could work?"
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  3. Mar 19, 2003 #2
    Are u kind of addicted to this stuff Nicool ?
    Well i remember lot of good ideas were presented in the original versions of this topic.

    I personally think it is not possible as is (like in movies).
    But a very similiar weapon can be made.

    Because there are lot of promising technologies that could be used

    The best idea i see so far is the idea of having more than a single EM wave source, that will make EM waves that cross at a certain (adjustable) point.
    The EM wave itself will be harmless, but at the point of crossing of the two EM waves intersections between waves will happen to produce a new wave that is harmfull (only at that point).

    Some technologies could be used to make several points, or maybe a line of those points.
  4. Mar 19, 2003 #3
    True I like star wars...and the technology in it!

    Yes in the last thread i believe FZ suggested plasma but as he said (and I quote)

    "there are three problems"

    1) The handle would get rather *hot*
    2) It would glow like a dun and blind poor obi-wan
    3) It would parry other sabers but at times would not be so "efficient"
  5. Mar 20, 2003 #4
    And maybe .... it will be too heavy ?
  6. Mar 20, 2003 #5
    perhaps but perhaps not. It could be another form of plasma or perhaps a type of laser. There were many ideas but I am pretty busy now and wont be on PF for long so I will post them later.
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