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How would a major Solar Flair caused incident would effect nuclear reactor safety?

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    I live in AZ so besides the "bubla" or whatever that stupid name is for a huge wall of dust we get thats crazy huge is about as bad as our weather gets. Basically Solar Flairs are the biggest threat to me and my dog, so its my the natural disaster of choice when thinking about different apocalyptic scenarios.

    I was just reading the article in SA about fukushima and if a similar situation could ever arise in the US; Seems like all their backup plans and pretty much the safety of anyone near a Nuclear Power Plant (Like me and Palo Verde) goes out the window if a major solar flair hits the earth and knocks out all the electronics. Please tell me im ill-informed.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Re: How would a major Solar Flair caused incident would effect nuclear reactor safety

    What? How? I'm pretty sure you and your dog are still at greater risk of death by heart disease or motor vehicle than from solar flares.
    ... you may want to have a go working out how big a solar flare would have to be to knock out anything. There are a great many flares every year and the most we ever get is disruption to communications because of the interaction with the Earth's atmosphere.

    March 8 saw one of the bigger events and that had almost no effect on us.
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