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How would I reference this?

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    I'm having trouble writing out a reference for a book. My normal format is:
    Author (year of publication) Title publisher, place of publication
    eg: Trueman, A.E. (1949) Geology and scenery in England and Wales. Penguin Books, Harmondsworth

    This book is a revised edition, revised without help of the original author, so should I include the people who revised it as authors, write "revised by..." after the author/title, not write their names at all, or something else?
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    I don't THINK that you will list the revisers (otherwise usually the subsequent editions DO have added authors on the cover) although you should likely use the edition number of the book in your citation. Most of the information you should use for citing is on the inside cover of the work or on the back of the title page, so if the additional authors are there, use them. :biggrin:

    You should also try to use a standard style, eg. MLA, APA, etc. Handbooks can be found for that kind of thing, and possibly this can be found online. I kept my free handout from high school, believe it or not. :surprised
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    Thanks very much! :smile:
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    Well, as an English Major, we usually require that you do cite your revisors. I would put them down as Editors. This is true especially since the author had nothing to do with the new edition.

    Last, First(author). Book Title. Ed. First Last(Editor). Edition ed. Volume. Vol. City Published: Publisher, Year.

    That is how it should look in Stanard MLA
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