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How would it look like?

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    I am sure everyone has seen Interstellar movie. In the movie, Cooper proposes to orbit around Gargantua, parallel to Miller's planet, to escape from the time dilation. One hour in Miller's planet is equal seven years in Earth's time. My question is, what would it look like, if we happen to view people on Miller's planet through a giant telescope from the spaceship? The spaceship is Earth's time and the miller planet is time-dilated. Would they appear to move slow? Or no difference at all? If no difference at all, then how come Cooper didn't age but Rom ages by 23 years?
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    Yes, and the light would be red-shifted.
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    The people on Millera planet will see that Roms actions are slow ,as you said.And the Rom will see Cooper actions more slow.
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    Not based on gravitational time dilation. Cooper is at a higher altitude, so Rom will see his actions running more quickly, if we only take gravitational time dilation into account.

    However, there will also be a difference in orbital speeds between the two, which makes the apparent clock rate of Cooper as seen by Rom more complicated. On average, Rom will see Cooper's clock running faster, but there may be portions of their respective orbits where Rom does see Cooper's clock running slower for some period. I have not done the detailed calculations.
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