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How would Nitrous Oxide dissolved at temperature of 350 degrees

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    I'm wondering if the nitrous oxide will totally dissolve at temperature of 350'C?
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    Missing data


    You'd better give some more information about your query. For example, what do you really mean with "dissolve"? If you mean disentegration, decomposition, or meanings like this, the word "dissolve" would be wrong.

    If you really mean "dissolving", what the solvent will be then? I mean, where would you like to dissolve N2O into?

    350°C is a high temperature, however, since nitrous compound is an oxide, it may further be oxidized to yield NO, NO2, N2O3, or N2O5. I wanted to say that nitrous oxide may not totally "dissolve"; but be oxidized instead.

    Please give some more details, and we will discuss it here.

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    Hi chem_tr. I;m sorry that i used the wrong word "dissolved". What i mean is to decompose the N2O. To my best knowledge, the most stable phase for N2O is N=N-O. So the bond between N and O will break first at high temperature. I'm wondering after this, if the N and N will form triple-bond instead of further decompose to N ions?

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