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News How would other countries fare as the world superpower?

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    Take a country or group of countries (other than the U. S.) and speculate their possible performance as the leader in global events and influence.
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    I'm glad you provide "group of countries" as an option. But I would like to see a balance of power, which would still include the U.S. (and this is the likely scenario IMO).
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    How about what other prominent world powers have already done?

    Rome - Conquered/annexed/enslaved most of Europe.
    Spain - Annihilated multiple Mesoamerican and South American civilizations.
    Portugal - Began the African slave trade.
    Britain - Colonized half the world.

    Prominent regional powers?

    France - Colonial debacles in Indochina and Algeria.
    Italy - Mechanized Italian army takes over Ethopia; Ethiopians defend themselves with spears.
    Japan - Attempted to annex the entire Pacific Rim and all of China.
    Soviet Union - Puppet regimes across eastern Europe and the caucasus terrorize their own people.

    In retrospect, maybe we shouldn't have powers.
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    Q. F. E.

    was hoping someone would say that sooner rather than later
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