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B How would time run if???

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    I have an interesting question for everyone I understand G.R. and S.R. fairly well without too much trouble. I know that if A is moving faster than B in a frame of reference. The clock for A will run slower compared to B's clock. My question is could there be some place in the universe where there is no movement and time spins out of control compared to the rest of the universe
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    (Uniform) motion is entirely relative, any inertial clock can be considered "stationary". Time dilation due to relative motion is mutual, clock A observes clock B ticking slower and clock B observes clock A ticking slower too.
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    If you understand SR and GR fairly well, then you will know yourself that your question makes no sense.
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    hmmm ok can we look at the universe as a single frame of reference?
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    I relativity all inertial frames or reference (IFR) are equivalent, there is no special or preferred IFR that is at absolute rest and relative to which one can measure absolute motion.
    In a flat spacetime (SR) all IFRs have global extent, in the real Universe which has curved spacetime (GR) all IFRs are local so there is no single one covering the entire Universe.
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    ok thank you that makes a little more sense to me and now i can see why the first question i asked did not make any sense
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