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How would you define spirituality

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    A quick question,
    IF there is such a thing in the philosophy forum...

    How would you define spirituality, whether it be religious or non-religious? Is it a intellectual experience or an emotional? Or both?
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    A dictionary would define spirituality as a religious concept, but I believe it to be quite different and feel the dictionary needs a serious update on the defintion (that's besides the point however :smile: ).

    A favorite quote I read once:
    Religion is for those who fear going to hell
    Spirituality is for those who have been there.

    I define spirituality as a sort of an individualized philosophy shaped by personal experiences that yield a perspective unique to that individual. The individual is able to recognize this and can share their philosophy, however understands that each much have their own ultimately. Religion tends to place a perspective that "one size fits all", thus all must follow the beliefs set forth, regardless of individual experiences.
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    What about upbringing and external values? Would you consider those personal experiences?

    I've always thought of spirituality as something religious. However, in reading Kerrie's definition of it, I am able to see a non-religious side to it.
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    I think spirituality is an explanation for the feelings we can not explain. God given ones that come from the sole.
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    IN regards to Pikapika's responce:

    How would you define it in a Non-religous sense? IF not then what is the soul and how does it relate to spiriuality?
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    that is where religion/morals fall into place. i would consider the external values more of a "group" set standard since values tend to have some sort of an effect on other people. this is only my opinion however
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