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How would you rank ECE MASc Program @ U. of Waterloo

  1. Mar 19, 2005 #1
    How would you rank ECE MASc Program @ U. of Waterloo


    Hello, every body.

    I might currently receive an offer letter from U. of Waterloo for MASc-ECE Program. I understand the evaluation of a graduate program is quite often tough. However, I'd like to hear your precious advice here. Thanks.

    I will graduate from a ECE undergraduate program soon and plan to do at least several years' research in relevant area in the university. And I don't want to add much money to my graduate study. currently, I have the following options:

    1. join ECE U. of Waterloo MASc program (2 yrs)
    The university might waive my tuition fee and provide additional 6000 Canadian Dollars/yr.

    3. join ECE PHD program in the US (5yr or more)
    The program might possibly provide a stipend of more than $1000 a month and at the same time waive the tuition. I haven't got to know which university might provide this opportunity as feedback of my application isn't available yet.

    For MASc students in U. of Waterloo, they will have an advisor, but the advisor also have 5-6 phd students to advise. In this situation, is the advisor important or really means substantial help to MASc student? What about life as a MASc student? Do they usually turn out considerable research work? Is coursework load reasonable? Is there some spare time or is it a very tight schedule?

    Thanks for your help.
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