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How would you study?

  1. Feb 26, 2009 #1
    How would you study???

    You guys seem very smart so I want your advice on how I should plan this out.

    I have two test next Thursday. I also have a Test on Monday. Two homework assignments due Wed. The hardest test will be Thursday. I am about 3/4 prepared for Mondays test and not at all prepared for the two on Thursday. How would you plan out your study schedule for this?

    Sorry to ask this, but I am stressed about it.
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    Re: How would you study???

    I'd do the homework's over the weekend and also make sure I was ready for Monday. Then Monday-Wednesday I'd study for the tests.
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    Re: How would you study???

    Spend all friday night doing homework or related work for the 2 on tuesday. Saturday brushing up on the one I know best. Then focus more on the ones I don't later on in the afternoon after some rest...
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