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How you take it

  1. Regular

  2. Decaf

  3. Straight from the pot

  4. Iced

  5. Sugar

  6. Artificial Sweetener

  7. Honey

  8. Cream

  9. Milk

  10. Intravenously

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Jul 4, 2005 #1


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    Your coffee, that is. :smile: Check all that apply.

    I was going to add more, but 10 is the limit. So...
    And whatever else you care to share...
    Me: Arabica (duh), Light-Medium roast, medium body, bright, floral, strong.
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  3. Jul 4, 2005 #2
    Decaf? Decaf????????! :eek:
  4. Jul 4, 2005 #3


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    My coffee is usually strong. I take it several ways.

    Straight from the pot.
    With honey, but with or without cream.
    With cream, but no sweetner.
    With chocolate or chocolate raspberry.
    Sometimes iced.

    Poured over vanilla ice cream and honey, with a liberal sprinkle of nutmeg.

    With a good Irish Whisky or Johnny Walker Black.

    It just depends on what mood I'm in and how badly I need a cup.

    And sometimes, I just chew the beans. :biggrin:

    Intravenous is just too much trouble, especially just after waking up.
  5. Jul 4, 2005 #4
    Just an insignificant amount of sugar for me please.
  6. Jul 4, 2005 #5
    I do not drink coffee, sorry.
  7. Jul 4, 2005 #6


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    I don't drink coffee and never will.

  8. Jul 4, 2005 #7


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    I've never heard of putting honey in coffee before. I thought people just put that in tea (with lemon).

    Anyway, I like strong coffee, straight from the pot with cream (or milk) and sugar (1 tsp to a standard sized mug, 2 tsp in the monster sized mug I prefer).

    Decaf? I call that, "Why bother?" coffee. :tongue2:
  9. Jul 4, 2005 #8
    I drink coffee the way the waiter gives it to me.After reading your post, never thought that drinking type of coffee would have been so much complicated.

  10. Jul 4, 2005 #9
    Why answer i don't drink coffee in a thread asking how you drink it? Personnally i prefer tea being english and all but when i do drink it i have i teaspoon of sugar and a dash of milk.
  11. Jul 4, 2005 #10

    Math Is Hard

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    I usually use artificial cream and a half packet of Aspartame.
  12. Jul 4, 2005 #11


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    You actually mean that coffee comes from something other than a jar?
    and you can mix all these weired things in it other than RUM, we britts
    or this one, needs edumucating on coffee.
  13. Jul 4, 2005 #12


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    I have a Monster mug with, "best dad in the world, " on it, it is equal to four
    standard mugs, Kia gave it me, for some reason. and i like my coffee strong
    and with no milk and two sugars, it always tastes like sawdust with a hint
    of chickory though.
  14. Jul 4, 2005 #13


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    Oh, yes, Irish coffee is good too. I almost always drink my coffee iced. I suggest you try it sometime, maybe on a hot summer afternoon- just remember to make it a little stronger than usual unless you want to wait for it to cool before adding ice. You can really do a lot with coffee- just use your imagination. I've also used molasses as a sweetener; It's especially good with a full-bodied, nutty coffee.
  15. Jul 4, 2005 #14
    Some concoctions I refined for my personal consumption while working in the coffee house...

    -Lots of Toddy (essentially refrigerated espresso) over ice with carmel and a bit of half and half. The proper name would be Carmel Cafe Breve on ice.

    -Toddy on ice with a tiny bit of chocolate syrup, a splash of milk, and a healthy portion of Irish Cream(the real thing not the flavoring:biggrin:). This is something I obvioulsy only made for myself and occasionally a good friend who would drop in. :wink:

    -Start with a Vanilla blended coffee drink, usually "Blended Vanilla Latte" or some such type name. When blending add a scoop of peanut butter and a dash of English Toffee flavored syrup. I called it a Blended Peanut Brittle Latte, and it really seriously tasted like peanut brittle. This wasn't so much my thing as something I made for others.

    Personally, as far as coffee itself goes, I like it black with sugar. Usually strong but not too acidy. A nutty or woody flavor is good (*cringes at leaving himself so open for a joke*).
    Sometimes I get a double americano with a dash of carmel flavoring in it instead of sugar. Little to no water added. *WARNING Starbucks is incapable of making a proper Americano* :devil:
  16. Jul 4, 2005 #15


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    It has to be strong.

    I used to drink it black, but I have become addicted to the "store brand" amaretto creamer (much better than the "coffeemate" brand). Now I can't drink coffee without the stuff. :frown:

    When I lived in Chicago there was a coffee shop that sold incredible flavored coffee, I miss it. Nothing else I've had can come close. :cry:
  17. Jul 4, 2005 #16


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    Yeah I've been a bit confused about this one too.

    Round here, the only "how do you take it?" issue is whether to put the milk or water in the mug first.

    (The correct answer is milk first, by the way :smile:)
  18. Jul 5, 2005 #17


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    Interesting- I did the same thing. :) About the only thing I don't like with coffee is cinnamon. I can't stand cinnamon with coffee. :yuck:

    Mmm, amaretto. I used to use flavored creamer all the time, but lately I've been trying to put more effort into finding coffees that I can drink black. So instead of adding things to mask or make up for bad characteristics, I can add things to make it even better or suit the mood I'm in. It does take a bit of work though.

    Has anyone ever been to a coffee tasting?
  19. Jul 7, 2005 #18
    i like coffee the way my english teacher made it. she put half a bag of grounds in the machine for one pot of coffee. i drank it black...that was some good coffee.
  20. Jul 7, 2005 #19

    Tom Mattson

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    I don't like coffee, but I do need the jumpstart in the morning. Hence, I am the only person at work who has a Coke at 7am.
  21. Jul 7, 2005 #20
    i know lots of people who have coke at 7am. some of them put water and baking soda in it and then put it in the microwave....remember, kids, drugs are bad.
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