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How you think things can and should work.

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    Here I go...
    I think the world would be better if more of it's inhabitants do what they think is best for all of it's inhabitants overall.I think this would lead to a huge decrease of mistreatment of living beings. This could be for example the murder of animals for their meat instead we might wait for the animals to die a natural death then eat them. This is like what some cannibals do to their loved ones to have a part of their loved one inside them. And how about having a ban on light emitters. light is an electro-magnetic wave and I think that the earth losses most if not all it's energy in this way. at the end I will list a ton of items that emit electro-magnetic waves. Then when the sun explodes in the extremely distant future we might decide to use are then useless eye sockets to import and export data on the internet. this would definitely save energy from the keystrokes this is actually is trivial but a little show of increased efficiency. the speed that we communicate would be extremely improved. By the way we probably would use sound to replace electro-magnetic waves. unlike electro-magnetic waves sound waves don't leave the earth this prevents energy loss.
    Cell phones, remote controls, radio stations, lights, television sets, and microwaves.
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    Now lets think about this one. What exactly is a natural death? Any death where the dead being simply fell over and no longer lives?

    See, natural death's might not be so friendly. Could cancer not be considered a natural death? Or maybe the animal dies from a worm infection, is that natural?

    Don't you think that if we just "let animals die" and then eat them, that we would put ourselves at a great risk of becoming infected? Also I imagine there is some difference in meat quality from a 10 y/o cow to a 40 y/o cow (I have no clue what cow life ranges are, just example).

    Uhm, that doesn't make much sense either. Things like Cell phones and remote controls are battery operated. Infact, none of these things require "earths energy" to operate.

    But you got a point. If everyone would do something to help someone, then this probably would be a little better place.
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    refining my statement

    What I meant by earth’s energy is the internal energy inside of the earth’s atmosphere to it’s center. By the way most bacteria and viruses are killed by cooking the meat above 160 degreases Fahrenheit. And I should have included that the actions are thought that are best for the universe overall.
    PS. I have added more of my ideas to this they are below.
    These ideas are for ideal so of coarse they can be unlikely:
    • That beings do all and only what they think is the best overall for the universe.
    • That they think is the best is judged for an extremely distant future.
    • beings find the best action to do by doing thorough research (I mean to include experiments too), idea sharing, and reasoning.
    I think this could work well just as a guideline.
    if other beings don't follow it this still works because you would think it would be best to reduce possibilities of those beings harming you. So given this I hope to leave you with a more precise understanding of my reasoning.
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