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Howdy Everyone!

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    Hi everyone, I'm Dave.
    I'm a third year theoretical physics student at the University of Manchester. My main reason for joining the forum is to get help with relatively complex physics (for me, anyway) and, in return, I plan to help those younger than myself in the homework section. In doing so, I also hope I can grasp a better understanding of the topics themselves, and maybe learn a bit more along the way!

    Feel free to ask pretty much anything, and I hope to see you all around the forum :)
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    Welcome Dave! We can always use help in the homework section! Just remember we don't give out answers, we just help the student understand where they're having problems and help them through the tough spots, This way they actually learn how to solve the problems.
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    Thanks - I just hope I can provide help more than I require it :p
    I've just finished reading the global rules and guidelines for the homework subforum - I'll try to keep within lines :)
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